Spook Magazine Issue 7

Art Direction and design for Spook Magazine Volume 7 – The Sex Issue

Spook is a Melbourne-based progressive online culture magazine, publishing innovative content in the realms of fashion, music, art, film and politics.

Our relationship with Spook began at Volume 6 when we were approached to re-imagine the look and feel of the magazine and website.

Confetti were invited to speak about their work for Spook Magazine at Sex, Drugs & Helvetica 2013 alongside 5 other designers from around the world. S, D & H is a yearly design conference held at the Melbourne Convention Centre.


Hot pink spot colour used across the cover. This issue also features tiny hidden messages printed deep down within the gutter of each spread.

Spook_Issue_7_contentsSpook_Issue_7__blacksands Spook_Issue_7_black2Spook_Issue_7_XXX Spook_Issue_7_pinkSpook_Issue_7_tokyo Spook_Issue_7_PAMSpook_Issue_7_pam2Spook_Issue_7_sexevaSpook_Issue_7_fuckartSpook_Issue_7_bowieSpook_Issue_7_detroit Spook_Issue_7_madmenSpook_Issue_7_crunk Spook_Issue_7_cronSpook_Issue_7_skinsSpook_Issue_7_animal