Confetti is a Melbourne based multi-disciplinary design studio. Here are the services we offer. Our client work can be seen below.

This one will open a tab to a chat we had with the American Institute Of Graphic Art about hairy squids and uncooked pasta.

Founded by Kevin McDowell and Tom Shanahan in 2012, Confetti create brand identities, design and build websites, art direct & design magazines and other editorial projects, bespoke display typefaces, posters, album artwork, product packagingvideo & motion graphics, mobile applications, user experience, spacial installations, sound design and live art.

Confetti offer services across a wide range of mediums where no project is too abstract or outlandish. We welcome collaborations of all kinds.

Confetti are particularly interested in exploring the space where chaos and order overlap. We believe this space to be a playground for unique and inventive thinking and welcome any opportunity to explore it.



Collingwood Arts Precinct,
Collingwood, Victoria
Australia 3066