Visual identity, branding collateral and promotional posters for Melbourne boutique events company Innocuous.

Innocuous create unrelenting parties and events with a fierce dedication to creating a memorable experience. This is partly due to their commitment to finding unconventional venues, such as abandoned banks, procured through means which can be seen as sitting outside the law.

Instead of choosing to fight against the abundance of advertising and media relentlessly aiming to catch the attention of Innocuous’ already media savvy target market, we chose to embrace it by creating a logo made from bastardised pieces from some of the most well known logos in the world. In this way, we created not only a unique and recognisable logo but also a statement about the current state of advertising and media that Innocuous’ audience can empathise with.

It’s a logo about logos made recognisable through it’s unrecognizability and unique via means of monotony that speaks to a target market who hate being targeted.

Confetti Studio Innocuous logoConfetti Studio Innocuous Poster Swirlconfetti innocuous mercat juneinnocuous_bank_party

Innocuous First Birthday Party

Innocuous 1st Birthday Invite

Scented, wax sealed invitations for the Innocuous 1st birthday bash at Hugs&Kisses club.